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Culturology Press represents an online network of scholars from all over the world who believe in the possibility of reaching beyond the traditional realm of “cultural studies” so as to analyze culture stricly from a scientific perspective. 

These culturologists understands culture not simply as a set of disembodied ideas but as concrete social systems composed of living human beings capable of ideation and engaged in cultural and social activities of various kinds.  They study belief systems, cultural activites and social relations in their cultural, economic, political, sociological, anthropological, geographical and historical contexts - at the local or global levels of analysis. Their aim is to foster more rigorous analysis of cultural systems by encouraging scholars to push their research into fresh and unexplored territory.

As such, Culturology Press' journal, the International Journal of Culturology  only publishes essays which adopt a systemic and materialist approach to the analysis of culture, while encouraging scientific theorizing and experimentation.

Since its incorporation in 2010, Culturology Press has helped culturology in becoming ever a more comprehensive, global and universal discipline in both scope and perspective. All essays published in the International Journal of Culturology  represent the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary work in the scientific analysis of culture and are all copyright protected. 


Culturology in the News

Russian Culturology: Continuing Where Marxism Left Off

01/10/2009 00:01
Russian Culturology: Continuing Where Marxism Left Off -  Marlène Laruelle (Centre d’études du monde russe, EHESS Observatoire des États post-soviétiques, INALCO.)

Culturologie en Azerbaïdjan

07/04/2009 00:01
Culturologie en Azerbaïdjan - Fuad MAMEDOV
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